About Us

Mbuyekezo Boxing Channel (MBC) is a boxing news, interviews, fights and mini-documentaries media portal.  MBC has focuses in BOTH Open Boxing and Professional Boxing Tournaments. MBC’s main objective is to promote the sport of boxing in our local communities and GLOBALLY using the power of electronic media so that boxing and its ATHLETES could can reach its full commercial potential. Boxing promotes tourism, entertainment and creates jobs for the young and old. Boxing keeps children away from criminal activities. Mbuyekezo Boxing Channel has a mission that of rewarding our current and former boxing legends. MBC’s work will contribute positively in preserving our boxing heritage and make our athletes accessible by the world and awarded the respect they deserve.

Boxing is a sport that is generally loved and followed by our people and it commands great respect in our society. Everyone has a story to tell about boxing. Some suggests or think boxing is popular because it’s a contact sport and has immediate results. Hence its very attractive to watch. Some hard boxing fans think this sport is an “Art or Science” of fighting and protecting yourself (at all time). Boxing is sometimes underrated. But it has on yearly bases produced world champions who put SA on the world map. These champions get little or no recognition. This causes boxing not to reach its full potential. Hence MBC is trying to close this gap by using an electronic media platform to address this challenge. (visit www.mbuyekezoboxing.co.za)


The MBC core-team include but is not limited to Tembela Copiso, Ncedo Jeku, Ndoda Somhlahlo, Phumzile “Gamala” Dubase and Xolani Moni.